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The Bulimba Opera

OperaQ has worked closely with Blue Roo Theatre Company over many months to create Australia’s first ever inclusive opera. The Bulimba Opera is the story of the robust Bulimba community during World War 2. It tells the story of their lives, loves and loses and will be performed at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts from 5 – 7 November and at Lourdes College in Hawthorn on 14 November. The Bulimba Opera is supported by Arts Queensland and Brisbane City Council.



Song Circle

“It was beautiful. It came alive. I enjoyed the jokes. It was different, and it spoke about us”

Blue Roo Theatre Company exists to provide opportunities for people with a disability to become actively involved and engaged in the performing arts. Empowering people with a disability through arts and theatre assist them by enhancing leisure and lifestyle opportunities.

A ten month collaboration between Blue Roo and Open Stage saw the OperaQ team work closely with Blue Roo Theatre Company to create a new work. Song Circle, a suite of twelve personal stories laid bare in original songs, from the words and experiences of the thirty-seven members of Blue Roo.

2015 was a year of growth for The Blue Roo Theatre Company from the highs of the Open Stage program to the tragedy of losing a founding member and friend Jamie Carrigan. Song Circle also became a touching dedication to the missing member whom they lost along the way.

“So it’s like I am not a client here being looked after, I am a professional coming here to develop my skills. We are the ones doubting saying “No maybe not” and they are the ones saying “Yes you’ll be fine”.